This post is a little scary for me, because I’m posting an actual, unphotoshopped *~photo of my skin~* on the interwebs. But what’s the point of being a beauty blogger if you won’t post pictures of yourself!? Even if it’s without foundation. Seriously, I’m not wearing any foundation in the photos below, just a little bit of the Glossier Stretch Concealer under my eyes. I’m also wearing a bit of Marc Jacobs eyeliner in Blacquer, and some standard Maybelline mascara. Oh, and a teeny tiny bit of NARS blush in Orgasm, because of course. (PS – on my nails is OPI Gel Color in Funny Bunny. I love nude nails!)


So, as I mentioned in my first post, I really started noticing the fine lines on my forehead right before my 24th birthday. Not cool. But then I remembered this interview by Into the Gloss with this girl I went to college with, and she had mentioned Good Genes by Sunday Riley. I reread the interview, made mental notes, and started looking at reviews of the Sunday Riley products on Sephora. All of the reviews tagged under “Most Helpful” were positive, so I decided to go for it and purchase the POWER COUPLE DUO set. After a week of using the set, my fine lines aren’t totally gone, but they’re getting smaller every day.


(I think the picture speaks for itself, but I’ll go ahead and say a few words anyways.) My skin feels soft, supple, and dewy. I haven’t even bothered applying my usual tinted moisturizer the past few days because I’ve felt so comfortable in my own skin. The set – which contains Sunday Riley’s Good Genes treatment and the Luna face oil – is aptly given the name “power couple”.

And to me, this is really what makes a good skincare product – enabling you to CHOOSE whether or not you want to use makeup. I personally prefer to go as natural as possible, so having this choice empowers me. But even for those who like to use more makeup, good skincare gives you a better canvas upon which to work.


But just a quick note about Luna and Good Genes… both of them have very unique scents, which may possibly be off-putting to some. I personally love herbal/botanical scents, so I actually like it. And honestly, usually if something smells funny, you know it’s working. Like how you know that Listerine is working when your mouth is burning.

Luna is made with blue tansy, which almost smells a bit like chamomile. It’s very herbal and earthy. And I don’t know what it is in Good Genes that makes it smell this way, but to me it’s redolent of tangy lemons and oranges. In fact, it smells just like this super sour lemon candy I once had when I was like, 7. It’s not your traditional soap-y, lotion-y scent, but I don’t mind it at all. Like I said, the smell is how I know it’s working.

All in all, on a scale of 1-10 cupcakes, I’d give the Sunday Riley POWER COUPLE DUO 9 cupcakes.





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